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one-shot and an update

Title: You Belong With Me [one-shot]
Author: bakanishi08 
Pairing(s): Kamenashi - Akanishi [akame for short]
Rating: PG
Genre: romance
Beta by: just myself -_-
Disclaimer: i own nothing.
Summary: well, if you know the lyrics of the song, then that's it :) ..then read it?
Author Note: my first song-titled fic. hope you liked it.
~ inspired from "you belong with me" by taylor swift.

((( "I finally realized that I belong with you." )))

Title: Beggining a new life with you
Author: bakanishi08 
Pairing: reader/akanishi jin
Rating: PG
Genre: romance
Disclaimer: this is a akanishi jin/reader fic. And also this is just for fun, i own nothing but the plot.
Don't like it? Don't read it.
A/N: this for all jinjin fans (as well as me) reader must be a girl!
Summary: you are a cafe attendant,,,living together with your bestfriend in your apartment, decided to enroll to a school.. studying + working is hard for you.. how will be your life remains the same if you found the "love" that your waiting for many years was just on your side?(just read it..hehe i don't know how to explain the summary^^)

previous chapters:
chapter 1 - cosplay cafe?
chapter 2 - first day at work is very annoying
chapter 3 - idiot's day
chapter 4 - meeting jun and jin
chapter 5 - a date with two jin PART 1
                  - a date with two jin PART 2
chapter 6 - feelings for jin?
chapter 7 - first day at school and the past
chapter 8 - a mysterious man in your dreams

chapter 9:
((( "yeah sure it is~ willing to join me?" he said as he starts removing his shirt. )))

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