'Coz when they Smile ~ We drool!

..they know we got the hots for them..

..Imaginations Running Wild..
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AKAME Pervee-ness, KAT-TUN Pervee-ness!

So Who Are Like Us?


  • This community is dedicated for AKAME / KAT-TUN pervee-posts based

  • Anyone can post in this comm as long as the main content of the post is AKAME or KAT-TUN members

  • You can play up the pairing of T-TUN but as for *AK leave it as it is

  • As a rule, no bashing of other members of this comm or the members of KAT-TUN

  • Though this comm is for pervee things, NO VULGARITY! No Porn, profanity that will offend other members please

  • We are working on the taggings, so please when you post use the provided tags

  • Picspam are allowed to be outside LJ cut given it is under 10 pics per post, anything over than that please hide it under LJ cut or direct them at your own journal

  • Cross posting here [fic/drabble/doujin/fancomic/picspam/trans/graphics/discussion] are allowed as long as it's related to AKAME / KAT-TUN

  • Pimp!Meme is tolerated here! Awesome meme producers are welcomed to spam the comm to get to know the members better

  • Anyone can post Multi-Chaptered Fic at the community given that the content of the fic is for our awesome pervee-ness fangirling

  • Posting is limited to 3 categories only per day

  • *Note: Pairing for Akanishi and/or Kame over other members of KAT-TUN will be allowed as long as it has the permission of the moderator, so please ask first! ^^o


    do i have to convince you more about this comm? lol

    see, they even know something!

    .muchie & :leigh

    Credit: Pixies jone_records